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The land base on Antelope Creek Ranch, or Antelope Creek Habitat Development Area (ACHDA) as it is officially known, is managed to provide productive plant cover for livestock and wildlife, and adequate nest cover for waterfowl on Mixed Grass prairie and wetland margins. Crested wheatgrass, irrigated pasture and native rangeland are incorporated into a complementary, deferred-rotation grazing system to achieve the management goals.

The Antelope Creek Habitat Development Area (ACHDA) serves as a demonstration project for producers and resource managers in the Mixed Grass prairie region. ACHDA research focuses on range improvement through specialized grazing systems to benefit both livestock and wildlife. ACHDA has been a valuable tool in assisting several M.Sc. thesis research projects from the University of Alberta and the University of Lethbridge. In addition, ACHDA supports independent studies concerning wetlands, industrial reclamation, and tame grass production.

Research at ACHDA ranch consists of a co-operative, multi-disciplinary monitoring program to document changes in range vegetation and range condition, forage production and utilization, litter reserves, cattle performance, soil chemical and physical characteristics, and changes in relative diversity of wildlife.

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Recent Research

2007 Wildlife Survey

Effects of Habitat Management on Ducks

Habitat Fragmentation and Avian Response

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2007 Annual Report

2009 Annual Report

2010 Annual Report
2012 Annual Report

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2014 Annual Report

Strategic Plan

Invasive Plant Management Plan

Antelope Friendly Fencing

Nesting Ecology of Grassland Songbirds

Condor Ornithological Applications

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